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Kell Bakker
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Power Metal
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  • Mood: Affection
I did want to post a quick thing about the abrupt style change with my characters, just because I wanted to make a few things clear.

I did not become one of the self-hating Furrys that wakes up one morning and decides that all Furry art is crap and deletes all of it out of their gallery and disavows any knowledge that they were a part of the community in the first place.

I completely understand why people DO THAT.  I don't blame them for doing that.  I very nearly did that myself.  It is a very rough thing to deal with when people flat out tell you that they HATE YOU because of what you draw.  You can try to explain that you're not one of those pervert Furry artists until you are blue in the FACE, and people STILL won't get it and will STILL HATE YOU FOR IT.

I very nearly did it.  That hate mail I got after the Anime Festival nearly broke me. But you know what? I have worked TOO FUCKING HARD since High School to just give up years of work and dedication just because some people just DON'T GET IT.  Yeah, it sucks that people are stupid and hate me because of what I draw, but those people that do just aren't worth giving up what I've worked for for so long.  I've said it before in other places on the internet, but I've never said it here.  I do not appreciate being treated like shit for enjoying the things I enjoy and liking the things I like.  And when someone says "Hey, fuck you for liking *insert thing here*", it makes me just want to love the shit out of it just because it pisses them off.

So you're reading this and thinking "Yeah that's great, you're not going to give in to assholes.  So why DID you change your style?"

I just wanted to create stories and art and characters that appeal to EVERYONE, not simply a niche audience. I'm just calling a spade a spade here.  Furries are a niche audience, and I wanted to reach out beyond that.  I went through a lot of PAINS to get to this point, and I wrestled with what I wanted to do with my characters for at least a YEAR before settling on the more humanoid style.  I've reached a point to where I'm happy with it and wanted to share.

I just hope everyone understands where I'm coming from here.

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JayelleCartoons Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I :heart: you. XD
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why aren't you on my watch anymore? x___x *fixes*

might have to check here more often... have completely moved over to fa though. X3
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Rock on, you crazy cat~
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Hey. Steve the Cheetah here. Long time no see. :3
MRJCMiller Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
...Redrock? I'm not sure if you remember me by my real name. Hoping you remember, though. I used to chat with you back in the old PSC chatroom, years and years ago. Haven't seen hide or fur of ya for a long time. Been worried about ya. Emailed the last address I had for ya, but no reply. If you're still around, leave me a message, would ya? ...I miss my old friend. If you'd rather communicate directly thru email, I've changed addresses since the old days. My current is JosephCurtisMiller (at)

Hopin' to hear from ya, Red. Peace! - JCM
JLavisant Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I seen you on my page woman! ARE YOU ALIVE? :iconkissyfaceplz:
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